“I will always be thankful for your friendly push in the right direction. It has changed my life!” - Annette


Sometimes people are struggling and stuck in survival mode or are experiencing some degree of emotional trauma so a MyndFit Program isn’t for them.

In these cases, a softer approach must be taken as the clients circumstances are different to those looking more for personal development in a MyndFit Program.

Not dissimilar to treatment for physical trauma, these cases also require therapeutic intervention in order to stabilise and manage the client.

These traumas can include but aren’t limited to things like:

  • Workplace bullying

  • Divorce

  • Being fired

  • Unresolved childhood issues

  • Experienced abuse (physical, sexual or emotional)

  • Having suicidal thoughts

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and feel you require immediate assistance please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or ask a friend or relative to take you to the closest emergency room at you local hospital.

Appointments can be done in person or via Skype and the cost is $150 for the 60 minutes.