While acknowledging the issues his clients presents with and respecting that they are problematic, MyndFit founder Nick Sutherland see’s them more as symptoms rather than the actual problem.

Through a culmination of his own personal experience and then working with hundreds of clients as a mental health practitioner since 2009, Nick has a developed an understanding of how if the following 5 fundamental principles are not present in a persons life, a negative ripple effect will begin to impact on their health and wellbeing.

5 Fundamentals.png

Check your priorities

In case of an emergency on an aeroplane, who are you meant to put the oxygen mask on first? You. Prioritising yourself isn’t selfish, it’s smart.

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Look after yourself

Once you’ve figured out that you’re important and become a priority, you can then begin to learn what your basic human needs are and how to look after them.

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Create healthy relationships

Looking after yourself puts you in a position where you can manage instead of just coping. Now you’re healthy, you can create and maintain relationships that are healthy too.

5 Fundamentals (3).png

Develop a new normal

Your belief system is like the operating system in a computer, so if you’ve been programmed poorly over the years, you need to reboot and update your system.

5 Fundamentals (4).png

Get in a good headspace

The mind is usually neglected in favour of the body, but it too can be trained and strengthened, creating a healthy state in which one can think better then live better.


If you feel you are lacking in one or more of these areas and wish to find out more, book a no obligation Discovery Session and learn how you can implement some small changes to create a big difference in your life.