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This episode is with Nick Sutherland.

Nick is a Mental Health Practitioner and former Soldier, Owner of Myndfit and all round legend. We cover Nicks past and time in the Military and what he has overcome, how his business is underpinned by Buddhist and Stoic Philosophy. We talk about Vipassana retreats, what he lost rather than gained through meditation, slowing down, active meditation, and eating the best mandarin ever.

Nick Sutherland talks to Tina Winchester about his background including being discharged from the Army, and ultimately how he went on to create MyndFit, an organisation designed to teach people how to be mentally fitter, healthier and stronger.

Nick shares his thoughts and experiences in relation to meditation, exploring philosophies that have helped shape him, Buddhism and more, whilst helping to create a shift and change the perspective on how mental health is perceived.

Nick Sutherland is founder of Myndfit, a mental health service based in Mornington. This man is a star and we cover a HEAP in this episode. We talk about his 5 Fundamentals for Positive Mental Health, his collaboration with Trade Mutt raising awareness in the trade industry. We delve into Nick’s past which involved abuse and abandonment at a young age and time served in the armed forces. This one is jam packed, enjoy!

Nick Sutherland from Myndfit is back, and this time he’s asking the questions. He grills me on all things addiction and mental health.
We speak about:
- What to do when a loved one is addicted
- Is there such a thing as an addictive personality?
- Thoughts on AA & NA
- How can the current ‘system’ be improved
- Plus so much more

EP 16: Self Management Strategies For A Happy And Healthy Life With Nick Sutherland

“I think that today’s topic is a really important subject that isn’t talked about enough in today’s society. This topic really resonates with me because of my own family experience with some of these issues.” - Host, Josh Kennedy

Mental health is one of the things that you never take for granted as a tradie. Aside from the physical stress brought upon by continuous projects, it is important to keep an eye on how we take care of the mind. In this podcast, we collaborate on how tradies and contractors can strengthen their mental health while dealing with the daily challenges of their trade business.

We wrap off this series which is dedicated to the mental health for tradies month of August by tackling all things related to mental health. Aside from physical stress, tradies and contractors endure a lot of mental pressure in their businesses that they become prone to such mental health problems. To all the awesome tradies and contractors out there, never hesitate to seek guidance and support from your loved ones. Your mental health is a very crucial aspect of your life!