What clients are saying…

“Hi Nick, I have been meaning to give you a bell to see what you have been up to and to again say thanks for all the guidance that you have provided.” - Ryan

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for the support and guidance you have provided for me since we started working together Nick, god knows where I would have ended up without your help.” - Ben

“From all the time I have spent working with you Nick, I have learned that the problems aren't the problem. Learning to look at things differently and being prepared to make changes that may feel impossible at the outset but transform us over time is what helps." - Mel

“Hi Nick, just listened to you speaking on the Shift Happens podcast. Loved it and like Wednesday, helped to bring it all together. At our departmental Check-In this morning we share our achievements and what we’re looking forward to next week. Happy and proud to share my journey so far with your help. People got it... slowing down, observing and thinking that’s interesting. Cheers mate and have an “interesting” day!” - Darren

“Your guidance, and teaching has helped me so much. It takes time but nothing great is achieved in a minute. Thank you Nick.” - Theresa

“Cheers buddy, today was awesome, glad I walked into your office mate, ur a legend. - Glen

You suggested for me to take a certain path Nick, but I had to take the steps and make the changes. Thats what you have said all the time. It's a “lesson” you taught me and I use it now as well. I will always be thankful for your friendly push in the right direction. It has changed my life!” - Annette

“Hi Nick, thank you so much for the best therapy session ever. Looking forward to our next appointment!” - Emily

“Dear Nick, I would like to say you a huge thanks to you for your help and all your input. It seems so weird that I could have continued living my life in a toxic way instead of enjoying it and taking the best it can give. I regard our meeting in Chiva Som one of the signature moments of the past year.” - Katerina (international client)

“I think many of us (especially me) came to you for help with a certain issue but we came away with so much more than that. You gave me so many skills and a different way of looking at myself. I don't want to be fixed because I'm not broken.. I was just a girl who had some screwed up ideas about herself. I often stop myself and ask 'how would Nick and I discuss this..?” - Jac

“I would never consider what you did for me "a quick fix". Lot of work on both sides to fix a rather broken version of self. I think workshops are a great idea. You told me on my very first visit " you need to meet me halfway". I listened and learned. I put into practice everything you taught me. I was eager to learn and wanted a better life. I don't believe I would have the life I have today without your knowledge.” - Karen