“Just to pump up your tires a bit more…..”

”Looking back over the last 18 months and especially more recently, there have been situations that would have (in the past) put me under serious pressure, however I calmly found a way through without blowing a pooper valve.”

“Prevention was definitely the key of me, and the problem is that most of us have become so comfortable/complacent with our state of mind that we cant see the unhealthy thought patterns from healthy ones.”

“It has been a bit of a sliding doors experience for me, for example, a really challenging project that I’ve worked on for many years has now been completed successfully and looks fantastic. On reflection, the project had the potential to break me and caused all kinds of stress on the family, especially in the state of mind that I was in before coming to you. However it has in fact had the complete opposite impact on my life as it has provided the perfect platform to practice the techniques that you have provided myself and family with. I am now extremely proud of how I have managed it and now feel free to take on the next challenge that life throws at us.”

“With regards to marketing, I think that prevention is the key, as lot of blokes don’t think that they need ‘help’ which most of them may not, yet anyway, as they won’t admit they need help until they feel broken and its too late. However, I think absolutely everyone could benefit from challenging their thought patterns and approach to life and ask themselves whether the path they are paving, for life or business, makes them and those around them happy or is it a creation of past experiences and a perception of who they think they should be. I believe that anyone that decided to challenge themselves will immediately see that their approach needs tweaking to some level, whether they originally thought they needed it or not.”

“The way I justified coming to you originally, was to discover ways to manage my time and approach to business to ultimately reduce stress levels and to generally have someone to bounce things off, I only discovered that there was a critical personal link to it all once I started talking with you. I don’t think that blokes genuinely see the strong link between work and personal life, we are too proud and always think that something else has to change if we are not comfortable. I thought that it was the work and business that was stressing me not my perception and approach.”

“I have found the experience challenging, life changing and extremely rewarding. Although participants need to be prepared to challenge themselves, which is not always comfortable, which I think is linked to the difficulty of letting go of the ideal picture of ourselves that we have spent so long training our brain to create and maintain.”

“Anyways, I am preaching to the converted.”

“I am more than happy to be involved and help in any way I can, the least I can do for the help you have provided me.”