“I think being a typical proud male, I never thought anything was wrong just another hiccup along the journey which would soon go away, but it didn’t. This is when after speaking with my best mate I decided to give you a call and come and have a chat. To be honest at first I was fairly apprehensive, sharing personal problems wasn’t something I had ever done. I had become increasingly irritable, very short with my family and work colleagues and the smallest of things began to stress me out and I couldn’t understand why. As stated in a previous message I think I would of had a nervous breakdown and quit work if I hadn’t come and see you.”

“To sit down and go through different aspects of your life and understand the direct implications each area has was very challenging, but the most important part by far. Understanding to become present in the moment and not to react without thought was the biggest life changer for me, if we can sit back and think before we react it is amazing how easier it is to handle a difficult situation.”

“I would hate to imagine where I would be or what might of happened if I hadn’t ask someone for help, unfortunately most blokes don’t think they need help until it’s too late, but I can guarantee everyone would benefit from this.”

“I have found the whole experience life changing and am very proud of what I have achieved. I would encourage anyone to reach out and challenge themselves, accept that it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.”

“Once again thanks Nick for all your help.”