A bit about anxiety


Here is a great resource to help people experiencing anxiety:

This track has been specifically designed to change peoples thought patterns and help them come back to a more grounded state.

Most people don't know how or why they're feeling anxious, they just know how powerless they feel whilst experiencing it.

I know this first hand as once upon a time I couldn't leave my house due to agoraphobia...my thinking styles were in such a mess that it created debilitating anxiety and I literally could not open the front door of my house to go outside.

It's funny looking back and a great example of just how strong our minds are - there was no physical barriers but my state of mind was such that I could not physically move out of my environment.

I now realise that my thoughts were creating so much fear I felt I had no other option than to stay in my comfort zone and to shut out any stimulus that would add to my suffering.

Having "rewired" myself its now interesting when I come across social media content with "Tips on how to cope with anxiety" or the like as I then question why anyone would want to simply cope with anxiety?

It's not something I'd wish to keep in my life but this is just another example of how disempowered people are - how they don't realise they have a choice.

So they stay in this negative cycle and need coping mechanisms to survive...that survival mode creates a greater need for more coping mechanism and so the cycle continues.

I am a realist and have learnt to accept that not everyone wants to do something to help themselves. Not everyone is prepared to do what it takes to get themselves out of a rut and back in the drivers seat.

Not everyone is willing or prepared to take the hard path.

Or as I've just said, many people don't know there’s something they can do so even if they are willing, they don't know how.

When I started MyndFit I had to think about what it was based on. Buddhist and Stoic philosophy underpin the psychotherapy element and my lived experience brings adds a whole other level, but what is it really about?

The answer I came up with was MyndFit is based at the intersection of freedom and knowledge because without one, the other is useless.

You can have all the freedom in the world but without knowledge, you don't get very far.

And you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you're not free to employ it, you don't get anywhere either.

The people I work with therefore are either stuck, ignorant (in a literal sense) or both.

Some have never learnt the fundamental life skills one needs to live a peaceful, happy life.

Some are so stuck in the past or worried about the future that they are never in the here and now to make the decisions and choices one needs to live a peaceful, happy life.

Either way, it's not their fault but it IS their responsibility to go and learn a new way of being.

I've shared this song to help people in a short term capacity but I did so with some inner conflict. I don't like to enable those that need help to stay in the negative cycle by giving them coping mechanisms but I realise this is a valuable tool which can help people.

I simply ask that you or people you share it with don't become dependant on it. Please don't use it as a quick fix, band-aid, crutch or coping mechanism.

Use it as a temporary resource in conjunction with a therapeutic modality in which you learn to change the way you think - change the cause of anxiety, don't just try and make yourself feel better from the effects.

It is a short term solution for anxiety so please understand it is not a "cure" - its a quick fix to bring a person down from a heightened state but they will get anxious again in the future if they don't change their thinking patterns.

You may not think you know anyone with anxiety but that doesn't mean there aren't people in your life that are struggling - people are very good at hiding it.

So for their sake and friends of friends who you don't know but can help, please share this so people can become more informed, more empowered and more at peace.

Thank you.

Nick Sutherland