Are you a "comfort slob"?


Once upon a time (no this isn’t a nursery rhyme) I was a “comfort slob”.

I’d take the easy way...the path of least resistance some call it.

So when I hit rock bottom and could see that way of being was a large contributing factor, I decided to change.

I rebuild my belief system and the first new belief that went in was “I do my best work outside my comfort zone”.

Years later, my counsellor reflected that I “trust the seaworthiness of your own ship” which made me think about the “ships are safe in harbour but that’s not what they’re built for” quote.

I realised I definitely don’t enjoy being in the harbour anymore! I love being out to sea, the wind in my...on my scalp and exploring the world.

I also pictured how people are the “captains of their own ship” and thought how once upon a time when life happened (or a storm happened) I would run and hide under the deck.

Now however, I picture myself standing behind the wheel with a smile, all the time believing in myself and enjoying the challenges being thrown at me.

I’m writing this whilst working as a visiting practitioner at a world class luxury health resort in Thailand. I’ve recently been accepted to speak at my industry associations World Conference. I’ve got clients all around the world doing my 12 month program and I love my practice back home.

And I couldn’t have achieved any of that while living in fear.

Nick Sutherland