No need to erupt.


Reacting to situations, you’re giving your power away and letting whatever you’re reacting to dictate how you feel.

Living as a reactor, your happiness is dependent on X,Y & Z happening in order for you to be happy.
Being co-dependent like this leaves you living in fear, constantly in fight/flight mode.

This way of living...the fear drives your behaviour and your anxiety takes over.

All of a sudden you’re trying to control everything around you, unknowingly afraid that things won’t happen as you need them to.

You’re no longer present but instead bouncing between thinking about the future and ruminating over the past.

People are now having conversations with your heightened emotions, not you. .
You’re not listening with the intent to understand, you’re just waiting to respond and to tell people everything that’s wrong.

The mind starts using destructive thinking rather than constructive, finding all the problems and blaming rather than problem solving and accepting.

All the while, you’re walking around thinking that you should be happy and wondering why you’re not.

Very hard to choose anything when you’re in this state, especially what sort of attitude you have.

Nick Sutherland